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Why should I hire you?

I sell every listing for top dollar, in the least amount of time, and without the hassle.

I guarantee my results.

I care about what is important to you.


I am thinking about listing with the agent that sold us our home.  What should I do?

You must make a decision.  Which is more important to you, sticking with the Agent who helped you buy the house or getting the best results in the sale of your property?

My results are guaranteed.


We are going with Company-X because they are the #1 real estate office in the area.  What should I do?

Having a company with market share can definitely be an advantage.  Can I let you know something else?  When you are looking at large offices and agents, ultimately it isn’t the company you are hiring, but the individual agent.

Think about it this way. Almost every company has agents that sell a lot of homes and agents that sell very few or even No homes at all.  Don’t get stuck with the wrong agent even in a good company.

Is the size of the company most important, or hiring the right agent that will guarantee you the best results?

I can get your property Sold.


What are you going to do to market my property?

I will work with you to come up with an action plan.

I am going to do everything it takes to get your home exposed to ALL of the qualified buyers in your market.

That’s my job.  That’s why my action plan does.

The most important thing we can do is price your home accurately so that when we get qualified buyers in here, they will be excited about buying your home versus the competition.


We are looking for someone who is going to fall in love with our home and be willing to pay our price.  What should we do?

I understand what you mean because when you found this home, you absolutely fell in love with it.

How much above full market value did you pay when you bought it?  Of course you did not pay above the market value.  You would not have paid above the market value no matter what.

From a Buyers perspective, they see the price before they see the house in person.  Because the price is higher than the competition, the price makes them afraid to fall in love with your house.  If they do make it to the front door, they are actually trying not to fall in love with it, just because of the price.


We are looking for some really aggressive marketing to get buyers in here who will pay what our house is worth.  What should we do?

The key is getting qualified, motivated buyers into your house.

That is what my action plan does.  Marketing does not make your house worth more.  Buyers are not comparing the marketing strategies.

They are comparing your home with other homes on the market.  When they are looking at two or three similar homes, the number one thing they are comparing is the Price.

If we do not price it correctly, no amount of marketing will help.


We are not interested in just taking the first offer that comes along.  We are willing to wait longer if necessary to get our price.  What should we do?

You want to make sure that the offer you accept is in fact the best offer. That makes sense.

However, statically the best offer received on a property is almost always the first one.  Regardless of how long the property takes to sell.

Sellers who list their homes over-priced actually end up selling for less because they sit on the market too long and become stagnant.  After weeks and months on the market, the What’s Wrong With That House Syndrome kicks in.

There is one exception to the First Offer Rule.  That is if we get multiple offers.  Which can get you the highest price of All!


Since we are losing money having to reduce our price on the property, will you also reduce your commission?

No.  The reality is, I have already cut my commission because of the fact that you are having to sell your home for a lower price.  Because of that, my commission is automatically reduced.  My commission is tied directly to the sales price.


Will you cut your commission?

No.  Discounting commissions is not something I do.  I do not deliver discount results.

There are already too many agents out there who do not get half their listings sold.  They do not deliver results.

You want the best results.  The best results means the most money possible in your pocket, in the least amount of time, and without the hassle.  That is what we both want.


How often will our home be advertised in the newspaper and print advertising?

We actually do not use papers and print advertising.  That used to be an important marketing strategy back in the 1900s, but not today.

Newspapers and printed publications are not where serious buyers go to find homes for sale anymore, for a lot of reasons.  The information is out of date by the time it is printed.  The amount of information is too limited.  Buyers can’t sort through it efficiently like they can on the internet.  Also, killing more trees using outdated advertising methods isn’t friendly to our environment.

The most important thing is that we get your home exposed to where the qualified buyers are looking, online and through other real estate professionals.

You want to find the best buyer for your house.  That’s what my Action Plan will do.


We are thinking about saving the commission by selling our home ourselves.  What should I do?

It is true that you could avoid the commission by selling it yourself.

It will be an uphill battle.

Less than ten percent of all For Sale By Owners actually sell on their own.

Most will eventually hire an agent to get the property Sold.

Up to fifty percent of contracts entered into by people selling the house themselves don’t even close.  That is because many of these buyers either are not qualified or they don’t do what it takes to get financing because they simply don’t know what to do.

After the deal falls apart, you have already bought or rented your next house.  You end up having to list the house with a Realtor anyways.  Or, you take less for it to make it sell fast and avoid double mortgage payments.  Plus, the extra cost and liability of having a vacant home.

In today’s market, getting a loan is infinitely more difficult than in the past. Most buyers who shop For Sale By Owners are either looking for owner-financing because they are not qualified or they are bargain hunters wanting a seal since there are no commissions.

You end up wasting your time with unqualified buyers or you end up giving the commission to The Buyer and you still have to do all of the work yourself.  Plus, you take on all of the risk and legal liability.

The value of our service pays for itself.  You make as much or more money by deciding to let me handle it.  You also avoid all the stress and hassle.  I can get you the same amount or more in your pocket at closing. The bottom line should be your biggest concern, not the commission.


 I am not sure if we are ready to sell our home.   What should we know?

There three major issues to decide.

Are you ready to actually sell your property?

What price are we going to list your property for?

Am I the agent you want to hire because you feel confident that I will get the job done for you and get you the best results?


Can you help finance a home purchase?

Yes.  I work with the best lenders in the business.

Minimum lending requirements generally require a current work history, income, a decent credit history and some form of down payment.


Do you take overpriced Home listings?

No.  Taking over priced listings are unethical and bad for business.

My ethics will not allow me to take a listing if I know it won’t sell.  It is my duty to act in your best interest.  I will not waste your time, energy and resources.  Some unscrupulous agents will take your overpriced listing now, only to beat you down on the price later.  I don’t do that.

Overpriced listings are bad for business.  The best agent in the world cannot overcome an overpriced listing.  You become unsatisfied because I can’t produce results.  My reputation suffers. I do not get paid.


What is the current state of the El Paso Real Estate Market?

El Paso is currently experiencing a Buyers Market.  The supply of homes and properties is much higher than the demand. Local Sellers are encountering heavy competition in the market.  Local Buyers are getting the most bang for their buck.


What does your Guaranteed Results mean?

After you have selected me, we will enter into a written agreement.

But, if I do not deliver results than I will give you permission to fire me at any time.  You pay me nothing.

I fully stand behind my commitment to Guaranteed Results.


What are you going to do differently than other Real Estate Agents to sell my property?

I am going to actually get your Real Estate Sold!

First, Contact me.  I need some basic details.  I will do some homework on your home and an extensive market study to find out why it didn’t sell.  I’ll come up with a plan to get it actually Sold.

Second, we will meet.  Ill lay out exact what I’m going to do to get the result you’re hiring me for.